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The Funny Times is a monthly forum for humor and satire in a world gone totally insane. We read thousands of cartoons in order to find and collect the "best of the best" each month.

For 25 years we have searched out and brought on board the most hilarious minds of America. They supply us with delightfully funny, left leaning, intelligent humor which is guaranteed to make you laugh (or your money back! And as our accountant said, "That's no joke.").

We work with hundreds of contributors. Every issue (May 2014 content) has more than 100 cartoons and at least a dozen written features. You will find your old favorites as well as up-and-coming artists you've never met before.

When we started this newspaper back in 1985 it was just Susan, Ray, and a lot of chutzpah (which can be loosely translated as fearless stupidity.) Miraculously we've become successful.

Come over to the "funny side" and join our more than 70,000 subscribers who love to laugh at us.

Ray Lesser & Susan Wolpert
Publishers, Editors, and Troublemakers
The Funny Times

Proud sponsor of Gay Games 2014, Cleveland Ohio Funny Times Digital Edition - download free app for iPad and iPhone.Funny Times Digital Edition - download free app for Amazon Kindle.Funny Times Digital Edition - download free app for iPad and iPhone.

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evolution of water carrying cartoon by Bannerman
Bush bubble cartoon by Toles
Global warming cartoon by Gradisher
Mother at work cartoon by Epstein