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Funny Times May 2013 Issue

Funny Times May 2013 issue cover

Cartoons about:
Mothers. Vacations . Alcohol . Coffee . and more

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Cartoons by: Isabella Bannerman, Bizarro, Harry Bliss, Ruben Bolling, Matt Bors, Dave Coverly, Roy Delgado, Derf, J.C. Duffy, Tim Eagan, Bob Eckstein, Randy Glasbergen, Martha Gradisher, Jeff Hobbs, David Horsey, George Jartos, Keith Knight, Mary Lawton, Tim Lockley, Chris Monroe, Steve Moore, P.S. Mueller, K.A. Polzin, Hilary Price, Ted Rall, Flash Rosenberg, Maria Scrivan, Andy Singer, David Sipress, Jen Sorensen, Mark Stivers, Ward Sutton, Tom Tomorrow, P.C. Vey, Kim Warp, Shannon Wheeler, Matt Wuerker, Zippy ... and lots more!

In This Issue:

Sentient Readings
By Ray Lesser

The Borowitz Report
By Andy Borowitz

If My Mom Fell In The Yard And There Was No One There To Hear It ...
By Bruce Cameron

The Mother-In-Law Of All Jokes
By Lenore Skenazy

Happy Green Beer Day!
By Katiedid Langrock

2013 State Of The Universe Address
The Universe's Message To Humanity: Time To Shift Or Get Off The Pot

By Swami Beyondananda

Mind Your P's And Q's And Teas
By Dave Barry

Starbucks Supertanker Sinks
By Chris Hume

Cat Adoption Preparation In 12 Easy Steps
By Janet Periat

The Brightsides of Xtreme Maturity
By Will Durst

The Vacation Personality Quiz:
What's Your Aptitude For Adventure?

By Agnieszka Stachura

Don't Get All Up In My Grill!
By Peter McKay

Curmudgeon Looks At Absent Friends
News Of The Weird
Harper's Index
Planet Proctor
Spring Cartoons
News Cartoons
Baseball Cartoons

Castillejos - Hamster Wheel

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